The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA) is the largest commercial fishing trade association on the U.S. west coast and has led the fishing industry in protecting the rights and livelihoods of fish harvesters and their fishing-dependent communities since its founding in 1976.

Commercial fisheries today are facing new and complex challenges that threaten our resources, the future of family fishing businesses, and wild seafood production. PCFFA is undergoing some changes of our own to modernize and adapt for these changing times.

Keep watch for an updated website, new social media channels and more, and please sign up below as we expanded our outreach to share timely and relevant information.

We hope that you will join us. Together we can create a new PCFFA that builds on the strong history of advocating for fisheries and healthy fish stocks and that steps into the future honoring the true meaning of commercial fishing representation.

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