Whale Entanglements

Fishermen are on the frontline of protecting whales and other marine mammals from harmful interactions with Dungeness crab gear. From working with state and federal marine mammal managers to limit the number of traps in the water, to organizing from within to retrofit fishing gear, crabbers have taken big steps to minimize interactions and protect the majestic beasts that co-inhabit the West Coast’s incredibly productive oceans.


Participate in an entanglement response training through the California Whale Entanglement Team

Engage in a lost gear recovery pilot program through the Sea Doc Society, or prepare to get involved in a statewide recovery project in 2017-18.


2016-17 Crabbers’ gear best practices guide (4 October 2016)


NMFS/CDFW crab gear best practices guide

PCFFA letter of support for SB 1287, the Whale Protection & Crab Gear Retrieval Act

California Dungness Crab Trap Limit Program