Fishermen’s News August 2014

Click here to download a PDF of this article. Whose Ocean? By Zeke Grader For thousands of years fishermen have plied the world’s ocean. On the waters covering most of the earth’s surface they have engaged in their trade longer than any other human occupation, it is said, save prostitution. Yet in all this millennia, … Continue reading Fishermen’s News August 2014

Fishermen’s News March 2014

To Download a PDF version of this Article, click here! GMOs — “Frankenfish” Just One of the Problems By Zeke Grader and Glen Spain Last year we waited. In late 2012, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) indicated it was prepared to approve the first genetically engineered fish, indeed the first genetically engineered animal, for … Continue reading Fishermen’s News March 2014

Fishermen’s News November 2013

Click here to download a PDF of this article, It All Depends: Responding to the Issues of Our Times By Zeke Grader, Glen Spain Life isn’t Hollywood. In real life, choices are seldom stark between black and white, good and bad. Visceral responses may work in fiction, but in real life our positions, if thought … Continue reading Fishermen’s News November 2013

Fishermen’s Column October 2013

Click here to download a PDF of this article. Oversee the List Makers and Fish Certifiers By Zeke Grader Maybe it was the heat of August. Whatever was to blame, it seemed that those who have set themselves up as the arbiter’s of which fish stocks are “sustainable” and which are not, or what are … Continue reading Fishermen’s Column October 2013

Fishermen’s News December 2012

Click here to download a PDF of this article. FISHERIES AGENDA 2013 Seven Issues For Action Next Year — Part I By Zeke Grader, Glen Spain and Sara Randall We’re writing this list of recommended actions before the elections with no idea who will win. But regardless of the outcomes of the election, and no … Continue reading Fishermen’s News December 2012