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A Joint Project of the Institute for Fisheries Resources and the National Fisheries Conservation Center

Fostering Cooperative Solutions to Seabird Bycatch Problems

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The Seabird Bycatch Project is an electronic conferencing and information service offered free of charge to fisheries, conservation and scientific organizations to assist them in developing solutions to problems with fishing-related seabird bycatch mortality on the basis of the best available science using real-life solutions.

Thanks to modern electronic networking, this work can be truly international in scope by involving participants from all over the world, be ongoing (rather than just a single event such as a conference), be fully accessible to the general public from any desktop computer, be electronically recorded, and be conducted at only a fraction of the costs any such effort would have entailed in the past.

We are trying to make this resource as useful as possible to professionals and researchers in the seabird bycatch field. Toward that end (in addition to maintaining the listserver itself — see below to subscribe) we are compiling and posting downloadable research bibliographies, notices of seabird-related conferences, abstracts of recent articles, summaries of international control efforts and other information of potential use in grappling with this issue.

This will be the permanent World Wide Web (WWW) Home Page for the Seabird Bycatch Project. Participation is open to all scientists, agencies, organizations and citizens involved in seabird conservation and fisheries issues.

This page will also be the “jumping off” point to other Web sites which are part of this Project, including its information indexes and downloadable bibliographies, as well as providing links to many other organizations dealing with seabird or related fisheries issues.

TO JOIN THE SEABIRD BYCATCH LISTSERVERsize=4> To participate in the Seabird Bycatch Listserver you only need e-mail capability. To indicate your interest, please e-mail your name, surface mailing address and phone, what agency or organization (if any) you are with, and a brief description of your interest and expertise on seabird bycatch or related issues to the Institute for Fisheries Resources at:

This is not an “open list” with automatic subscription, but rather a moderated list. You will be added to the list as soon as we have reviewed and processed your request (which may take few days to get to), and we will also then send you a packet of information on how to use the list, including a List Directory of current participants. The above e-mail address will be the permanent e-mail address for this Project. Project Coordinator is Elizabeth Mitchell, for the Institute for Fisheries Resources. For more information you may also contact:

The Institute for Fisheries Resources Seabird Bycatch Project PO Box 11170 Eugene, OR (USA) 97440-3370 O:(541)689-2000 FAX: (541)689-2500


In the near future, there will be several other pages linked to this Home Page which will contain scientific bibliographies and other resources, most of which will be readily downloadable. Watch this space for links to other Seabird Bycatch Project information pages. At present the available pages and links include:


The Seabird Bycatch Working Group is a collaborative effort of the Institute for Fisheries Resources (the conservation arm of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations) and the National Fisheries Conservation Center, organizations known for fostering cooperation among fishing and conservation leaders to solve resource conflict problems. Participants include representatives of the National Audubon Society, the Center for Marine Conservation, Pacific Fishing Magazine, the American Fisheries Society, fishermen’s groups, many state and federal agencies and a number of reputable scientific institutions dealing with fisheries research and management in both the US and elsewhere.

Initial funding for this project has been generously provided by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. This effort will be ongoing and is provided as a public service. This page is frequently under construction. If you have any problems with it, please contact us at, addressed to Elizabeth Mitchell, who is Project Coordinator. Last modifed 10/11/00. Thanks for coming, and check back frequently — we will be adding to this page often.