Healthy Watersheds, Healthy Salmon

San Francisco Bay: The Freshwater-Starved Estuary (The Bay Institute 2016)

Wetter or Not: Actions to Ease the Current Drought and Prepare for the Next (NRDC, PCFFA, et. al 2014). For a summary of this report, click here.

The Sacramento Index (NMFS 2013). Describes the contribution of Sacramento River Chinook to ocean salmon fisheries.

The Cost of Doing Nothing: The Economic Burden of Salmon Declines in the Columbia River Basin

Historical and Present Distribution of Chinook Salmon in the Central Valley Drainage of California (Yoshiyama, et. al 1996)

California Water Rights and Operations

A Responsible San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary Water Exports Plan (Environmental Water Caucus 2013)

Final Salmonid, Sturgeon and Southern Resident Killer Whale Biological Opinion for Operation of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project (NMFS 2009)

Water Footprint of Crops (Hess, et. al, 2011). Describes the water needed to produce crops commonly grown in California’s Central Valley. See this 8 April 2015 Business Insider article for an interpretation of the scientific results.

Fishery Failures

NMFS Policy Guidance on Fishery Disaster Declarations (adopted March 2014)

Saltonstall-Kennedy Fund Reform

CRS Report for Congress: Saltonstall-Kennedy Fishery Fund (May 2004)

Essential Fish Habitat

EFH Regulatory Guidelines (NMFS, 50 CFR 600.805)

Fisheries Economics

Drought and Equity in California (Pacific Institute, 2017) Discusses the impact of California’s drought on the salmon fishery and fishing communities. PCFFA served on the advisory board for this report.

State of the U.S. Ocean and Coastal Economies – Update 2016 (National Ocean Economic Program, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey 2016)

Fisheries Economics of the United States 2014 (NMFS)

Estimate of Salmon Fishery Economic Impacts on California (Southwick & Associates 2012)

The Economic Structure of California’s Commercial Fisheries (2009)

Marine Spatial Planning

National Marine Sanctuary Act

Salmon Decline and Pesticides

Executive Summary

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