Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization

In 1976, the U.S. Congress passed what would become the most forward-thinking fisheries management regime in the world. The law would eventually become known as the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act (MSA), and it establishes the foundation for American fisheries that are considered the most sustainable on the planet.


The MSA is not without its flaws, though, and when it comes up for reauthorization, fisheries stakeholders have an opportunity to improve the law to make it better able to serve the needs of the commercial and recreational fisheries. PCFFA has been involved in both bipartisan MSA reauthorizations in 1996 and 2006. We hope to continue that work on this cycle.

PCFFA works with members of Congress, fisheries stakeholders, and the public at large to maximize sustainable fishing opportunities under the MSA. Our goal is to provide fisheries resource access to the largest number of fishermen while maintaining the sustainability goals that underpin the MSA. PCFFA members stand by the notion that our fish stocks are to be stewarded so as to provide fishing opportunities in the future.

For the upcoming MSA reauthorization, we are fighting for maintenance of successful fishery rebuilding strategies,  more power to fisheries regulators to address non-fishing impacts on target stocks, and more analysis of fisheries management measures of fishery-dependent communities, to name a few.

PCFFA is a member of the National Policy Council of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, a national coalition dedicated to sustainable fishing under the MSA.

Contact us to see how you can get involved in MSA reauthorization.


NMFS Fishery Disaster Policy Guidance: This document details the National Marine Fisheries Service’s procedures for determining whether severe curtailment of fishing opportunity meets the statutory definition of a disaster. The disaster finding by the Secretary of Commerce, NMFS’ parent department, is a necessary precondition for Congress to appropriate disaster relief funds.