Fishermen’s News Archive

PCFFA contributes a monthly law, policy and management column to Fishermen’s News, one of the most widely-read commercial fishing journals on the West Coast. In those pages, staff address many of the issues facing fisheries today: congressional activity (or lack thereof), changing climate and marine conditions, dam removal, and more.  We’ll be posting our collection of past columns, which date back several years, on this webpage.


February 2017: Into the Sunset: Moving on from PCFFA

January 2017: Making Our Fisheries Great Again

December 2016: Steps for the Next Congress

November 2016: Salt Problems for the San Joaquin: Administration Giveaway?

October 2016: Engaging the Next Generation of Fisheries Stakeholders

September 2016: Magnuson Reauthorization: Getting it Right

August 2016: Forests and Fisheries: Why Logging Reforms Matter to Fishermen

July 2016: Why the Columbia River Matters to West Coast Fishermen

June 2016: Why the Trinity River Matters to Fishermen

May 2016: The Fishermen’s Manifesto

April 2016: Congressional Wish List for 2016

March 2016: Fulfilling the Promise of the Magnuson-Stevens Act

February 2016: The Domoic Acid Situation

January 2016: Aquaculture: Keep it Onshore!

December 2015: Drought Legislation Threatens Coastal Salmon Fisheries

November 2015: Three Threats to Ocean Salmon Fisheries Having Nothing To Do With The Ocean

October 2015: To Save The Klamath, Congress Must Act Now

September 2015: EBFM: Not Just Another Dirty Word

August 2015: A Tribute to Zeke Grader

July 2015: Saving Salmon from Drought

June 2015: An Introduction

May 2015: Time to Say Goodbye

April 2015: Winter Run Chinook Hammered in 2014

March 2015: Greener Than the Greens

February 2015: A Victory for Salmon

January 2015: NOAA’s War on Fisheries

December 2014: Rethinking Fisheries Management: Why Fisheries Management Fails

November 2014: Are Fishing Communities Destined to Become Company Towns?

October 2014: Independence Requires Organization

September 2014: Fishing: It’s More Than Just Catching Fish

August 2014: Whose Ocean?

July 2014: Confessions of a Worried Man

June 2014: Faux Conservation — Look Behind the Label

May 2014: Reflections on a Shallow World Ocean Summit

April 2014: Saving Salmon from Drought

March 2014: GMOs – “Frankenfish” Just One of the Problems

February 2014: Four Fixes for Magnuson-Stevens

January 2014: Stand Your Ground

December 2013: Government Shutdown: The Default is No Fishing

November 2013: It All Depends: Responding to the Issues of Our Times

October 2013: Oversee the List Makers and Fish Certifiers

September 2013: Senate Progress on Fishing Funding Front

August 2013: The Fate of the San Joaquin River and You

July 2013: MONF3: Show Me the Money

June 2013: National Ocean Policy: Plan, Schedule

May 2013: Fixing Magnuson – Again

April 2013: The California Coastal Fall Chinook Conundrum

March 2013: Congress Must Act to Restore the Klamath

February 2013:

January 2013: Saving Our Fishing Ports

December 2012: Agenda 2013: Part II

November 2012: Agenda 2013: Part I

October 2012: Grand Theft Water: Part II

September 2012: Grand Theft Water: Part I

August 2012:

July 2012: A Fishery Declaration of Independence: Get NMFS Out of NOAA

June 2012: Managing Fisheries – What Needs Fixing, What Doesn’t

May 2012: Rethinking Ocean Planning and Policy

April 2012: NOAA Abandoning Stewardship

March 2012:

February 2012: No Time for Retreat

January 2012:

December 2011: Agenda 2012: Seven Issues to Pursue in the New Year

November 2011: We Can and Must Do Better

October 2011: We Can and Must Do Better

September 2011: Seafood for Tomorrow: Sustainability and the Rise of Aquaculture in the U.S.

August 2011: Revisiting Fishery Research Funding

July 2011: Protecting Salmon from Pesticides

June 2011: Collins Speaks Out for Salmon

May 2011: Time for a National Fishery Trust Fund

April 2011: The Federal Budget and the War on Fisheries

March 2011: The State of Fisheries 2011: Getting America’s Oldest Industry Moving Again

February 2011: Truth and Competence

January 2011:

December 2010:

November 2010: Saving Coastal Jobs: S. 3528 & H.R. 4914

October 2010: The California Sustainable Seafood Initiative

September 2010: Strongly Ambivalent: A Response to the Oceans Executive Order

August 2010: The Gulf Oil Gusher – Moving Beyond Tears, Anger and Acquiescence

July 2010: The Klamath Settlement

June 2010: Health Care, Finally!

May 2010: Drilling Here, Drilling There

April 2010: Congressional Testimony of Larry Collins: Perspectives on California’s Water Supply

March 2010: From Anger to Agenda

February 2010: Ocean Acidification: Oyster Crisis Could Spread to Other Fisheries

January 2010: Food for Thought: Solutions

December 2009: Fish for Thought – Fisheries in the Food Chain

November 2009:

October 2009:

September 2009:

August 2009:

July 2009:

June 2009:

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March 2009:

February 2009:

January 2009:

March 2008: Bill to Reinstate Fishermen’s Health Care Reintroduced