Groundfish, Crab and Other Fisheries

Although PCFFA started as a salmon-first organization, its mission necessarily expanded into other fisheries since its founding in 1976. Today, PCFFA is involved in management of several important West Coast fisheries.

In California, Dungeness crab is the most economically productive fishery, accounting for as much as $95 million in ex-vessel revenue annually. PCFFA was a leader in obtaining pot-limit legislation that protects the crab resource, as well as the fishermen who harvest them. PCFFA was instrumental in navigating the 2015-16 crab fishery closure by bringing crabbers together to discuss management and public health issues, and by leading a public relations campaign to restore confidence in that fishery. And PCFFA works closely with the California Legislature, the Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the California Dungeness Crab Task Force to ensure that new management measures are fair, equitable, and sustainable. Click here to see how PCFFA is addressing issues in Dungeness crab management. 

PCFFA works with small to medium-sized vessel owner/operators to restore access to fishery resources in the West Coast groundfish complex. In 2015, as much as 80% of fishing quota allocated to the trawl sector went unfished, while hundreds of smaller hook-and-line and fixed gear vessels were left scraping to get by. PCFFA works with the PFMC, state natural resources departments, and Congress, to restore access to the rockfish, sole, black cod and other fisheries that thrive when fished by a dispersed, low-impact fleet.

PCFFA also works with state and federal legislatures and agencies to address biological and management issues in other fisheries. Please get in touch if you have a question about a specific fishery.