As its lengthy name makes clear, The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA) is an “umbrella” group made up of diverse commercial fishing associations all along the West Coast. PCFFA is, in fact, a federation of many different port and fishermen’s marketing associations with members spanning San Diego to Alaska. It is a “bottom-up” organization, rather than “top-down”; it begins with the individual fishing man or woman belonging to their local association.

More than any other fishery organization on the West Coast, PCFFA has come to embody the working family fisherman — the working men and women operating their vessels to bring to America’s — and the world’s — table the ocean’s bounty of fresh wild salmon, Dungeness and Rock crab, squid, herring, swordfish, shark, blackcod, rockfish, albacore, sea cucumber, California halibut and flounder, urchin and abalone.

We are the small and medium sized family businesses, conducted from vessels fishing distant grounds to small, trailerable boats working nearshore waters. We are professionals who derive our incomes largely from harvesting the sea. Large or small vessel operator, full-time or part-time, we all share a common passion for this way of life, a dedication to its future, and a commitment to a sustainable resource.

What PCFFA provides the individual fisherman is a vehicle to protect themselves and their industry, to assure the sustainable protection of the fragile resources we all depend upon, and a vehicle for empowerment. PCFFA provides fishermen a means to challenge and counter the dictates of big business or big government. PCFFA provides fishermen with a voice in their affairs, a say about their future.

Its Your Future! Get Involved!

Whether it’s fighting for fishing interests in the halls of Congress, implementing new Coast Guard safety regulations, promoting high quality seafood, implementing the Central Valley Project Improvement Act to double salmon populations, protecting river flows, suing the government over salmon-killing dam operations in the Columbia River, or stopping the discharge of pollutants into our rivers and estuaries —- PCFFA will be there as long as individual fishermen and others concerned for the long-term health of the fisheries are there to support it.

If you are a commercial fishermen, PCFFA is about you. It empowers you, but only with your support. Its your future. Get active, get involved and join us in that effort.