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Fishlink® Network and the Fishlink® News Service

One of the most powerful modern tools for speedy communication is the Internet. To take advantage of this fact, the Institute has established and co-manages (with PCFFA) an Internet electronic information network called Fishlink®. This network now informationally links many commercial and recreational fishery organizations on the west coast and elsewhere, as well as a number of conservation organizations, Tribal governments and people in both state and federal agencies. Fishlink® thus provides near-instantaneous fisheries news and information to “fish folk” who are active on a wide variety of sustainable fishery and salmon habitat protection issues on the Pacific coast and elsewhere.

Fishlink® publishes a free electronic newsletter (the ‘Sublegals‘) intended to foster more effective communications and working relationships among these various groups. Special action alerts are also published to the Fishlink® network as needed. The Fishlink® network and the Fishlink® newsletter are good organizing tools for those who care about our fisheries and are working together for a sustainable fisheries future.

How to Subscribe to Fishlink®

Subscription to Fishlink® is free — just e-mail to <> and put “subscribe fishlink” in the body of the message and our listsever will subscribe you automatically.

If for any reason that does not work, you can email us at and simply ask to subscribe. The mailing list is intended to be primarily for those with an active interest in fisheries or salmon protection issues or are active fishermen, so please let us know a bit about your background and any organizations you are affiliated with which deal with these issues. This will also help us get you the information that is most useful to you.

Sustainable fisheries are everybody’s business! Help keep our work going as well as keep timely and important fisheries information coming directly to your email box so you can be an effective advocate for sustainable fisheries. All this, of course, takes money. If you would like to help support to this effort, contributions are gratefully appreciated and will help keep our efforts going and growing. Your donation check or money order (as well as any other correspondence about Fishlink®) should be sent to:

Institute for Fisheries Resources PO Box 11170 Eugene, OR 97440-3370


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