California Drought “Relief” Bills Threaten Salmon

West Coast salmon are in a critical state due to loss of habitat, unsustainable diversions, and perhaps most pressingly, California’s unprecedented drought. Indeed, the entire state is in crisis as California’s massive population and industries come to terms with natural resource shortages. In response, Congress is dealing with bills that purport to “relieve” the impacts … Continue reading California Drought “Relief” Bills Threaten Salmon

Fishermen’s News April 2014

To Download a PDF version of this Article, click here! Saving Salmon from Drought By John McManus, Dave Bitts, Zeke Grader, Glen Spain Fish need water. That’s the reality we’re facing as California and southern Oregon move through their driest year on record. With little rain or snowfall forthcoming, the situation is dire for Endangered … Continue reading Fishermen’s News April 2014