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Working to Conserve and Protect Fisheries

Back to Home Page There are several other organizations related either to the commercial or sportfishing industry, to angler groups or to environmental organizations working to protect fisheries. PCFFA works with many of these organizations to protect marine resources. Here is our best index to date for these links. If you know of any others working on these issues please let us know.

Commercial Fishing AssociationsWest Coast USA:

Gulf Coast States:

Northeast USA:

Southeast USA and Florida:

  • Organized Fishermen of Florida, Inc.

Canadian Fishermen’s Groups:

  • Canadian Responsible Fisheries Board – Industry-based Fisheries Professional Conduct Code Board

International or Outside North America:

Major Sportfishing Industry and Angler Organizations

Public Interest Conservation and Environmental OrganizationsInvolved in Fisheries Issues

Other Nongovernmental Information Sources on Fisheries

Last updated 5/15/03